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Sunday School

Sunday School caters to the needs of children infusing them with Christian values, beliefs and guides them to a deeper understanding of the infinite Love of God.

Contact Mariya Moses
Tel: 9987523324

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Youth Group

The STAR Youth Group is filled with youngsters having a burning desire to contribute to the community through various social and fun activities. 

Contact Lora Nadar  
Tel: 9987771071

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Family Cell

This Cell helps those families who face difficulties in their families - between spouses, children, etc. They organize activities which help build families.

Contact Tulia D'souza
Tel: 9833543890

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers

This group help serve Holy Communion to the sick and homebound who cannot attend Mass. They also help distribute the Eucharist during Mass.

Contact Deacon Sebastian
Tel: 8097007027


Parish Council

This council helps formulate the yearly activities of the parish and helps connect families to the parish.

Contact Prashanth D'souza
Tel: 9764346664


Legion of Mary

The objective of the the Legion of Mary is the Glory of God by prayer and co-operation in Mary's and the Church's work

Contact Eleen
Tel: 7710946674

Old and Young

Hope & Life

Create togetherness and provide fellowship for widows so as to assist them with overcoming the past and building a new life with hope.

Contact Deacon Sebastian
Tel: 8097007027

Church Interior

Altar Servers

This team of young boys and girls assists the clergy during the Eucharistic Celebration

Contact Deacon Sebastian

Tel: 8097007027

Prayer Group

Charismatic Group

Group of people meet regularly in an atmosphere of love and support for one another in an effort to grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Contact Deacon Sebastian
Tel: 8097007027


Konkani Group

Standing Together as One and establishes itself as one of Gods own people with their Love and Worship. 

Contact Danny Noronha
Tel: 9987850831

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